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How We Can Healp


We liked the idea of having a house in which most of the functions like security, energy performance, and convenience might all be centrally managed. This was at a time where cars and trucks might currently parallel park themselves and robotic lawnmowers might take care of the gardening. Why were houses so far behind?


We desired smart and practical automation in our own houses. We searched the marketplace for something that would satisfy their needs but discovered exactly what was on a deal to be not practical, complex and costly.


We see residing in a wise house not as a high-end, but as a modern living design for everybody. The directing idea of the 2 creators is the owning force behind every Hometrip, every day, at every action. More than 250 staff members worldwide are enthusiastic about the Hometrip and are dedicated to bringing the Hometrip to the world and making them budget friendly and available for everybody-- house owners, house owners and occupants alike.